Religious Tolerance & Discussion

A big reason this blog is here is to answer questions about Scientology & give a bit more insight as to what an average person can stand to gain from simply listening to lectures by L. Ron Hubbard.

As such, I definitely welcome honest questions and commentary, and will respond to them in the best way I can.

However, in the case you find one of your comments being moderated or not posted at all, I wanted to make known my policy on such.  It’s pretty simple:  Respect the Religious Beliefs of Others.

Scientology is my religion.  However, I recognize and respect that others may not have the same beliefs as I do on such.  I may not agree with all of them, but I respect them.  In my book, respect means to not make knowingly demeaning comments or accusations about someone’s belief, practices, clergy or scripture.   One can always respectfully disagree – i.e. not everyone may agree with the Christian or Islamic concepts of heaven, not everyone may agree on Buddhist concepts of reincarnation or Nirvana, and not everyone would agree with an agnostic’s view of a universe that lacks any deity whatsoever.   However, communication about such, questions about such, can always be delivered and conducted in a manner of respect and tolerance – and such a thing is what I want to engender on this blog.

In all cases, the intention is what I’m most concerned with — are you trying to defame and insult the beliefs of another, or do you have an honest question?

So, if you find one of your comments deleted, or modified to have an insulting paragraph taken out – that’s why.   Disrespect of religion has caused more wars than just about any other single cause, so let’s not engender any more hatred just due to differences in how we individually aim to be happy.


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16 03 2014

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