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Me with my son, Denali

Me with my son, Denali, and my bookcase of LRH Lectures in the background.

I use this blog to catalog various wins, epiphanies, and tidbits to share from listening to the lectures of Scientology Founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

I’ve been in Scientology for much of my life (since I was a little kid).  If you want more of that story on how I got into Scientology, and why I like being a Scientologist, I put some effort into answering such questions here.

I find listening to L. Ron Hubbard’s lectures to be a fairly unique religious experience.  I expounded on this a bit more in this article I wrote after listening to the recently-restored Dianetics Professional Course lectures.  There really aren’t too many other religions on the planet where you have the luxury of being able to listen to the Founder’s original words as he spoke them, explaining the religion and its many facets.  As opposed to listening to the sometimes-quite-faulty interpretations of others on what Scientology is, what Scientologists believe, or what Scientologists should do – I can listen to what was originally taught, and make up my own mind what that means and how I’m to apply that to my own life.

During the day, I’m a Linux Network Engineer, but 24 x 7 I’m a parent of two, so as parenting problems are the ones I’m most often faced with, they are also the ones I’m most frequently finding brilliant solutions to in these lectures.  I try to keep a good tally of those findings in my Scientology parenting site.

Free Catalog of L. Ron Hubbard Lectures

Free Catalog of L. Ron Hubbard Lectures

But whilst I’m happy you’re here on my site, best is for you to listen to the lectures described herein for yourself.

Bridge Publications, the publisher of L. Ron Hubbard’s works both in written & spoken form, will send you a free catalog of lectures & materials.

Materials by L. Ron Hubbard are also available in most U.S. libraries, due to generous donations.  Though, as they’re amongst the most frequently-checked-out books in the library, it is a task to keep enough of them in stock.

If you have questions of which lectures or books you should study first, contact me and I’d be happy to answer any questions.


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