What is Grief?

20 09 2009

An interesting description of ‘grief’ I just came across listening to my Command of Theta lecture called, Creative Processing – Handling Illusions

LRH says:

“Grief runs consistently “I had it, but I don’t have it.”

“Grief.  Grief is saying all the time, “I had it. I had it and now it’s gone.  It’s lost.” – LRH

I just like the simplicity with which things like that are stated in Scientology, as to me that describes the emotion of grief completely.




2 responses

19 06 2010

You have an awesome blog,my friend,and i read it with great pleasure and interest! I love to read the stories,insights and cognitions you share as you continue to study the Basics! I agree with lot of things that you write in your blog! At this opportunity,i want to share with you the blog of my friend who too,studies the Basics and shares his insights and wins on it http://www.howtogetinspired.com/ I write the comments about the posts on his site under the name of “eternity” ! With great respect for the content of the things you write and the pro-survival things you share ! Michael

19 06 2010

Thanks, Michael!

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