When People Say “You’re Working Too Hard”

29 08 2009

image Just listened to the 2nd disk of the lecture entitled “Responsiblity” from The Command of Theta lectures by L. Ron Hubbard.  Even more than the first, this lecture had some brilliant quotes on the subject of responsibility, and how responsibility ties to one’s own sanity and ability to attain one’s goals.

I particularly liked the following quote:

“…Oh, the biggest operation that they can pull on you in this society is ‘You’re working too hard.  You should have some relaxation.  You should get out and you should have an avocation.’  You could kill a man this way.”

“And this fellow has been awfully interested in his work and that was his fun.  That was his fun, to paint for twenty-three hours a day.  And as long as people leave him alone, he’ll stay in pretty good shape.”

The lecture goes on to detail how this can turn someone around from where work was fun, to where work is arduous and to where the person just loses all drive toward life. 

I also particularly like this, as the topic of “burnout” is so prevalent in the technology field – that someone would get “burned out” on a job that they started out really liking.  What does “burnout” mean anyhow?  Obviously it’s not that someone has no more carbon-oxygen fuel to expend, there’s obviously more to it.

I thought this a great lecture to listen to for anyone who “thinks” they’re being burnt out by life.   As you can find out pretty fast in Scientology, there is really not such a condition as “burnout”.

In any case, give the lecture a listen, if you’re thinking that the above might fit you!




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11 11 2009

what you’re doing is of greater value than you could possibly imagine right now =)

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