The Wrong Thing to Do is Nothing

12 08 2009

image I’m out and about and on the go right now, tethering on my iPhone, but just finished listening to the LRH lecture entitled The Wrong Thing to Do is Nothing.  I really could write a whole series of blog posts on this, as the lecture is just that profound.  Though it was delivered over 50 yrs ago, the lecture is just as profound and relevant now as it was then. 

LRH makes the point in so many different ways that suppressive elements will do just about anything to beat you back into apathy, so that you think that there’s just nothing at all you can do about your surroundings. 

He also makes the point that the way this begins, many times, is by taking people and putting them out of communication – by alienating them, and making them feel like they are individuals.  TV can be used as a mechanism for this, as can larger scale covert ops like the destruction of organized religion, convincing people not to go to church and instead take pills to solve their worries, etc.

Got me thinking about how this is being done even today with the Internet – to make it so that people never really get into communication, but instead just stay glued to their computers.  Chat tools even still can give someone the apparency of being in communication, but a post I saw also on Reddit yesterday, convinced me otherwise:


So, the point?  Well, one point is that you need to keep communicating and keep interacting with real people.  Another point, is that there is always, always something you can do about a given situation.  You may not be the overlord of the universe, but you certainly have your own skill, power and influence – and can always do something about it. 

Which, in itself, for me embodies the spirit by which I think Scientologists go about things, whether its drug abuse, human rights, or things like dealing with their families.  Something can always be done about it.

It’s a brilliant lecture, and I think so more can be said about it.  You can grab a copy from the Founding Church of Scientology Bookstore here.




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