What’s the Difference Between Work & Play?

10 08 2009

IMG_0429I was listening to a great lecture by L. Ron Hubbard on the way to work today, one entitled “Games” from the Golden Dawn: Phoenix Evening Lectures series (also available here as an LRH Classic Lecture).   In this lecture, LRH takes up the subject of Games, and how they relate to daily life, work, and your own relative sanity. 

Now, whilst LRH does take up the subject of Games in much more detail later on in the Games Congress lectures, there were several points LRH brought up in this lecture which illustrate the difference between work & play, and what actually makes work work.

I thought it pretty interesting, as he gives the example of the guy who goes out fishing for the weekend, spends most of the night packing his truck to go out, hikes all day to a proper fishing hole, drives all night to get back home, etc, etc, and that’s “play”.  Then, come Monday morning, he sits down to his desk job and stamps paperwork for “work”.   In this case, his “work” uses up like 5% of the actual calories & effort than his “play” does, so actual expended effort has positively nothing at all to do with whether something is “work” or “play”.   It really comes down to your own consideration, and what you’ve established as a game you want to play. 

Near the beginning of the lecture, he defines games as:

What is a game?  A game is an activity engaged upon by one or more individuals in order to maintain his interest in communication in life.

I thought that to be a pretty interesting definition – as well as a particularly interesting and thought-provoking lecture – seeing as there are a number of things that I find very interesting – and for which I could simply continue on doing nearly indefinitely; as I don’t consider them to be work.  For example, anything I’m doing where I know I’m genuinely helping others, and am doing so effectively – well, that doesn’t qualify as work, does it?  If I’m getting more people trained as Scientology Volunteer Ministers, as an example, so that they can help out in disaster spots around the world – that hardly classifies as “work”. 

Mowing the lawn (however) is something I may need to change my think on, as right now…it’s looking a bit ominous.  🙂




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