Why I’m writing this blog on Scientology Lectures

18 07 2009

imageI just started this blog to catalog my trip through the Basics, the LRH Congresses, as well as any other Scientology or Dianetics lectures that may come out that I’ll want to give a listen to.   I’ve especially wanted to fire up a blog on the subject, as commonly when I’m listening to a lecture I’ll end up having some blinding realization about something — some basic truth or the way that some piece of life fits together, that in some cases a blog is the best format to write such things down and preserve them. 

There’s a lot to Scientology, so if I don’t write it down, I might lose track of some of the significances of what I’m listening to.  🙂

Right now I’m listening to the Command of Theta lectures, and have some things I’ll want to say on them.  But I have a ton of significances still rattling around my head from the other Basics lectures I’ve listened to, which I’ll want to put down as well.

But if you happen to see this or any of my other posts as your first exposure to studying about Scientology, one of the most important things which I cannot overstress is the importance of studying Scientology materials in-sequence.  There is some pretty advanced stuff in Scientology, some of which is not going to make much sense if it’s the first book you read – as opposed to reading about it in sequence.  So, I’d definitely recommend going about it as detailed on the Materials Guide Chart

Got any questions?  Just ask!




One response

11 12 2009
Nelson Henderson

Keep up the good work. I am so very glad to see you on the net doing what you are doing. It is just a joy to to behold.

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