Control of an Individual by Sound

18 07 2009

imageI’m right now listening to the lectures by L. Ron Hubbard entitled “The Command of Theta”.   They’re lectures that are part of the Basics, the essential study of Scientology materials comprising all of the basic truths of Scientology. 

The lectures themselves are a good ways along in the sequence of study, so definitely don’t attack this series first if you want a taste of Scientology, but as I’ve already been through all of the books & lectures that lead up to this, going through this series has been quite something.

I listened to a lecture riding home on the Metro a few days ago which I thought was brilliant – a lecture entitled The Control of the Individual by an Unknown: Sound.  The lecture goes over in more detail why it is in Dianetics that the sound contained in painful incidents can continue to have such an effect on a person later in life – and why it is that sound in particular can cause this.

If you’re in need of refreshing on the basics of how an engram works, here’s a video from the Scientology Video Channel:

One of the parts of this lecture I thought interesting was when he was discussing the mechanics of this – in that just about any other source of control or sensory input, an individual can shut himself off from it if he wants.  If he’s touching a hot stove, he can take his hand off it.  If he’s seeing light that’s too intense, he can close his eyes.  However, the body is designed such that you can’t actually disconnect sound if you don’t want it.  So, sound can then be used as a means of control, and can also reactively equate to pain and other incidents where the person couldn’t control what was going on. 

It was just a neat lecture from a technical perspective, as it gives another angle on the basics that you get with Dianetics – and why it does work to relieve the individual of such incidents of pain. 




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